The Movim API provides a RESTful API to manage data of the Movim network. This API will answer you using JSON.



You can list all the enabled pod reaching the following URL :

You can also get the information of one pod by adding his ID :

You can also get the favorite pods of the Movim team by requesting :


If you own a Movim pod you can easily register by sending a POST request on /register

Registration validation

To prevent spam and fake pods the API and the moderation team will perform several verification steps.

  1. When you call you need to send a parameter with your POST request :
    • url which contain the root URL of your Movim pod.
  2. We will check if a pod is already registered.
  3. The API will check if the URL is available and will try to get informations on your pod by requesting /?infos
  4. Then we will verifiy if you reach the limit of 3 pods registered per domain. This limit is only here to prevent spamming.
  5. Finally a moderator will check your pod and enable it if all is ok :)


Before publishing RSS and Atom feeds to a Pubsub node (using a tool like AtomToPubsub for example) you need to convert them to a clean and valid Atom 1.0 feed.

This tool will do it for you using the FeedCleaner PHP library.

This tool is only for test purpose, we advice you to deploy your own feed-cleaner on your server if you need to do several requests per hour with this one.

We do not guarantee that all the URL will work.